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Chemical Regulatory Compliance, Reach Registration, Chemical Safety Regulations


Freyr is a leading Regulatory solutions and services provider with a specialized focus on the provision of Chemical Safety and Regulatory Affairs (CSRA) practice in the consumer products space. Freyr with its technical expertise and global network of affiliates covers entire Regulatory space for chemicals across geographies and product categories.

Our core Regulatory service portfolio for Chemical Safety Regulatory Affairs include:

Supply-Chain Regulatory Compliance, Formulation Review and INCI List Generation
Regulatory Pathway and Market Access Approvals
Chemical Toxicological Assessment
Data Scouting Services and Regulatory Intelligence
Scientific Assessment Reports and Position Paper to Defend/ Modify Classification
Freyr also offers services in the areas of the EU REACH and CLP Registration/Dossier Update, Hazard Communication (Safety Data Sheet / Label) Development/ Review/ Updates, and Raw Materials Document Management System (RM-DMS).

September 13, 2021

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