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Cosmetic Ingredient Database, Cosmetic Formulation


Cosmetics are perceived distinctly in diverse geographies of the world. A product considered as cosmetic in one market may be regarded as a cosmeceutical/drug/OTC in another market. The cosmetic industry is ever-evolving and is highly driven by consumer expectations. Continuous innovation requires in-depth domain knowledge and industry understanding.

Freyr iREADY is a cosmetic ingredient database platform that enables manufacturers and brand owners to understand the Regulatory requirements for ingredients across global markets. It supports proactive Regulatory compliance observance and management of product formulae in different markets. iREADY can be used for new product development as well as lifecycle management of existing products to ensure continued compliance.

Freyr iREADY analyses global ingredient regulations and eases the access to global regulations to enable companies focus on the critical decision making necessary for product compliance while launching products globally.

September 13, 2021

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