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Hire Professional Mobile CCTV Units – Affordable Service


At MEC Security, we provide surveillance services in different locations all around the UK. We also offer event-recording services at these locations. As per normal, offenders are discouraged from engaging in any illegal activity when they notice that a mobile CCTV unit is stationed close by. This is why a mobile CCTV unit like that MEC Security provides is necessary. Also, if an incident occurs, our video surveillance services can be used to reconstruct the pattern of events and apprehend the individuals that were involved.

We provide our surveillance service using vans, and each van has state-of-the-art equipment. The high-tech devices within our vehicles include video recording equipment, pan-tilt-zoom, fixed cameras, and GPS tracking devices.

There are a lot of ways our mobile CCTV unit can be used which include:

1. Recording of Sporting and Public Events
2. Monitoring Anti-Social Behaviour
3. Monitoring traveller encampment
4. Apprehending fly-tippers

October 25, 2019

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