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Looking For Roller Blinds in Essex, Call: 01702 559 969


Roller Blinds have grown in popularity thanks to its practicality, ease of maintenance and classic style. With an expansive range of top quality roller blind styles, there is sure to be a Luxaflex® Roller Blind that perfectly matches your home decor.

Roller blinds, like vertical blinds can be inside or outside the window recess. Roller blinds essentially consist of a central horizontal tube around which is rolled a length of flexible material, joined at one end to the central tube and weighted / held in shape at the other end with a solid horizontal strip enclosed within the material of the blind.

Operating the roller blind essentially means lowering or rolling the blind downwards. The more the blind descends the more of the window is obscured from view from the top down.

Luxaflex® shades combine the stylish warmth of textured fabric vanes and the simplicity of a window covering that can be raised or lowered in an instant. Luxaflex® blinds carry a 5 year warranty.

Alternatively, Sunway blinds offer an exclusive made to measure collection using the same high quality fittings. Sunway carry a 2 year warranty. Sunway Simple Raise remote control now standard on all Sunway Roller Blinds.

November 30, 2020

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