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Please support and donate me


I’m János Darázsi. I live in Hungary, Central Europe.

My mother is old, sick, with limited mobility, so I have to stay home with her. She requires constant 24-hour home care, nursing and especial help, so i can’t work. The amount of the care allowance is very small in Hungary (107-163 EUR per month). Your support could help make my life more bearable.

You can support me:

if you donate me money (PayPal.Me/darazsijanos)
Donate link:

if you purchase my music on Bandcamp:

if you share my donate link with your friends on Facebook or in email

if you support my musical activity

If you support me I can start a home-based business, can work and make money from home and can take care of my mother.

Thank you for your support and donation.

Name: Darázsi János

May 20, 2020

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