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Sale of nuts and other dried fruits wholesale and retail


Production and supply of dried fruits, nuts and legumes, as well as dried vegetables and natural oils.
Delivery of products around the world. Our company has its own logistics center.

Delivery by air, car, sea container. The price depends on the volume, season and grade.
1. Walnut core
extra light, light, dark
Variety:Higher, First, Second
2. Walnut in shell
Large, Medium
Grade: First
1. Peeled Peanuts (Core)
Grade: Highest, First
2. Peanuts in their shells
Grade: First
3. Peanut core fried
Grade:Highest, First
To request a price for the products you are interested in, contact us in a convenient way.
You can contact us by phone,
Whatsapp, Viber +420771159995
Telegram: NikolasVegEco

August 11, 2020

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