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SAP Solution IS Oil web-based training


SAP’s solution IS-Oil (Industry Specific –  Oil & Gas) is customized for the oil and gas industry.  This is a result of long periods of involvement and vision of of industry specialists and it is still advancing. Like in real business SAP IS Oil too has explicit answers for Upstream Downstream and Midstream tasks. Oil and gas services are viewed as a steady part of the oil exploration and creation organizations. They are services that include oil well upkeep, finishing, creation, supply, and strategic support services in both inland and seaward.

The organizations utilizing SAP for Oil and Gas (IS Oil and Gas) are frequently discovered in the United States and in the Oil and Energy industry. SAP for Oil and Gas (IS Oil and Gas) is frequently utilized by organizations with more than 10000 employees and more than 1000M dollars in income.

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June 28, 2021

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