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SMPP Wholesael and Retail A2P SMS Hubbing Platform: On Premise / Hosted Rental

$ 199

Power SMPP offers carrier neutral enterprise grade messaging software with high availability, high throughput, A2P SMS business.

Our Wholesale and retail SMS hubbing platform with Reliable Billing, Advanced Routing, and Multiple Gateway connections is an ideal plug and play solution for VOIP providers who are planning to expand their vertical in A2P business.

Our software script has an inbuilt MO/MT engine, LCR engine, Billing and routing engine (MCC/MNC wise), Analytical engine, advanced reporting module, REST API engine, and system monitoring module.

A messaging architecture, designed to scale from 10,000 transactions to more than 25,000 transactions per second.

Our distributed design pattern and architecture helps you scale out your business and SMPP based SMS traffic without any hurdle. While adding additional resources and capability, you can also implement HA (High availability) architecture to enhance the redundancy of your system. Our architecture is fully compliant to work over any telco VPN.

Our application can be hosted on the Open-source Linux/ Ubuntu system.

July 13, 2020

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