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Storm Damage Leads


Storm Damage Leads – Live Storm Data
If you are new to the roofing industry your asking how do I find profitable construction jobs? You will quickly notice other roofing companies marketing strategy. Yes marketing is one part of running a successful roofing business. But first you need to know who is in need of your services. Your most profitable customers are homer owner’s that has recently experienced storm damage, mainly hail damage. This will be your most profitable customers because 99% of these homeowners have full coverage insurance protecting their dwellings. On average insurance repair work has a 33% to 50% profit margin depending on the scope of work…
Your next question should be how to I find these profitable insurance jobs? That is a good question.
Live Hail Maps
Interactive hail maps automatically updated, accurate, and customizable Storm Plotting hail maps make finding hail damage leads quickly and easily Let our interactive hail maps find hail damage anywhere in the nation and create a list of quality hail damage leads for you! Whether you are a general contractor or insurance adjuster these interactive hail maps are ideal for anyone interested in tracking storms and finding hail damage leads. Simply select from a list of storm maps and select your area and in seconds you have a working list of potential customers. Streamline your sales force and stay ahead of your competition with real-time hail maps and instantly generated hail damage leads.
Click How-It-Works to see it in action.
Now that you know insurance jobs have the most profit and you know how to find those jobs using Storm you need to know more about how to read and execute a sales contract based on your customers insurance paperwork also known as (Score of Loss)
Detailed insurance training and insurance documents are available to Contact us at for more information.
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September 18, 2019

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