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What effect does oil on spark plugs have on engine performance?


During the extra health check on the vehicle, a car technician at a car services in Reading garage will be able to advise whether there is a poor valve cover gasket and what expenses are needed to fix this issue.
When completing a spark plug replacement during a major car service Reading, the technician should notice if the spark plug O-rings are worn out.
3. Valves Guides That Are Defective or Worn
Excessive wear on the valve guides might also be the source of this problem. The steady up-and-down movement of the valves “pumps” oil into the combustion chamber, causing oil on the spark plugs. Look for competent car services Reading garage and book your car with a qualified mechanic.
Book an appointment with a trained technician at a garage in Reading if you believe you are looking pressure.

April 8, 2022

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